Florida has recently seen a spike in the number of invasive Pythons, which is why they have brought in an all-new team of snake-detecting dogs and they're amazing.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission assembled the team composed of a black lab named Truman and a point setter named Eleanor, and they just so happened to have gotten their first bust on Tuesday.

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Truman sniffed out the team’s very first python in the wild! Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission

The two pups were able to sniff out their first giant Burmese Python while on a routine mission in the Florida everglades.

Truman and Ealoner spent months training for missions using Python scented towels along with live Pythons with tracking chips.

They also worked very hard to avoid any distractions while working in the field and even built up stamina so they do not tire so easily.

After the two catch a scent, they follow it until they get within three feet of the Python.

When the snake is located they alert authorities who will then safely capture it and remove it from the wild.

Burmese Pythons are currently being hunted in the Florida Everglades as they do impose a significant threat to the native wildlife.