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The BC Premiere Says A 4-Day Work Week Isn't "Off The Table”

A 3-day weekend sounds like a dream come true.
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Four Day Work Week In BC Is Not "Off The Table" Says John Horgan

Who doesn’t want a long weekend every weekend? B.C.'s premier has announced that a four day work week in B.C. is not off the table. This announcement was made during a question and answer period on Wednesday, June 3, while updating the public on the current COVID-19 situation. 

There is literally nothing better than a three day weekend. Not only do you get to have an extra day of fun, but your work week is shortened to just four days. 

One day soon, the ability to have a four day work week could become a reality in B.C. and Premier John Horgan says the concept isn’t “off the table” entirely. 

During a COVID-19 update on Wednesday, June 3, Horgan was asked a question regarding the possibility of implementing a shorter work week. 

Referencing a report released by the Fraser Institute, the reporter mentioned a part that said we could enjoy a four day work week but not for a decade or so. 

Horgan answered the question by saying that he rarely reads the Fraser Institute report but he is still intrigued by the idea of having a long weekend. 

“It’s a bit into the future,” said Horgan. 

“I don’t want to discourage the Fraser Institute or anyone else from bringing forward good ideas.”

The premier noted that one of the advantages of coming out of a pandemic is that nothing should be off the table — not even this. 

The official noted that he would like to hear from anyone who has ideas moving forward. 

“We need new ideas, good ideas, and we should be unafraid to have those discussions,” said the provincial official.

The report reads that by 2023, Canadians could “enjoy higher real average annual compensation while working only 4 days per week.”

While this may not happen anytime soon, it's open for discussion. 

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