This Guy Told The Story Of His Friend's Bear Attack In The Most Nonchalant Way Ever

"Bart got bit by a bear."
Bear Attack Alaska GoFundMe

A guy just told the story of his friend being attacked by a bear in the most nonchalant way possible via a GoFundMe page titled, "Bart got bit by a bear."

The fundraiser's organizer, Graham Kraft, casually described his friend's attack by admitting, "I unknowingly walked over a bear den and [Bart] got mauled."

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I can now say with experience is best not to tread on the bears den. Graham Kraft

Kraft created the page to raise funds for his friend Bart's surgery to repair the injuries he sustained from the attack. 

"Fortunately, Bart is alive but needed surgery to repair his smashed arm, sew up a bunch of puncture wounds and reattach his ear," wrote Kraft — no big deal. 

According to the GoFundMe, Bart makes a living doing physical labor, so he'll "certainly miss work for the foreseeable future."

But, he must be one tough guy, because his friend already expects that he'll get out to bear country ASAP once he's recovered. 

"Bart will also need to replace equipment that was either shredded by the bear or cut off during the rescue before he can wander cautiously through bear country again," said Kraft.  

So far, the GoFundMe to help his friend has already exceeded the goal of $30,000.

In an update, Kraft wrote, "The doctors are amazed at the pace [Bart's] body is recovering and released him from the hospital yesterday."

He concluded by thanking everyone for their support and saying that his friend is "already dreaming of snowboarding again before this seasons snow melts."

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