This is such a sad story. Two dogs abandoned in Nova Scotia were chained to monkey bars in a park and now the province's SPCA is asking for help. People can give information about what happened by phone or online.

On Twitter on July 28, the Nova Scotia SPCA posted a series of tweets about two dogs that were abandoned in the province earlier in the month.

On July 16, they were found chained to a monkey bar set at Bell Park Academic Centre in Lake Echo. That's about 30 minutes east of Halifax.

It's believed that the dogs were initially dropped off at around 1:00 p.m.

Now both of the dogs are in the care of the SPCA and the organization said that they are doing well.

There is now a cruelty investigation underway because abandonment is a violation of the Animal Protection Act.

So, people are being asked to help with the investigation.

Anyone who has information on what happened or who witnessed the incident is can now call the confidential toll-free hotline the SPCA has at 1-888-703-7722.

If people have information or witnessed anything but don't want to call can fill out the Animal Cruelty Complaint Form online here.

Even though the dogs are in the care of the SPCA right now, they aren't being put up for adoption yet.

So, no adoption applications are being accepted and no visitors are being allowed in either.

The Nova Scotia SPCA has taken in other dogs recently that were found without owners.

A recent rescue named Bilbo Waggins was found running around and he was starving with his ribs poking out and covered in sores.

He was barely 30 pounds when a typical boxer should weigh 70 pounds.

In B.C. in June, four orphaned kittens were found after going through a trash compactor at a local dump.

It's believed that they were collected with garbage along the pick-up route.