Poor kitties! These BC SPCA kittens that were rescued went through a trash compactor at a local dump before being found. Now they're on the road to recovery.

After a harrowing journey, these four little creatures are safe and gaining some strength while in the care of BC SPCA.

Workers at a local dump near Sechelt heard the cries from the one-week-old animals and discovered them among the rubble that had been collected from the area.

They were without their mother, scared, hungry and showed obvious signs of having been through the trash compactor.

The animal rescue society doesn't know exactly where the kittens came from because they were collected somewhere on the trash pick up route.

One is missing two toes on his back foot because of the compactor and they all have bruising and cuts that can be treated and healed.

Despite their injuries, all four have been improving every day.

They've been named Cabo, Storm, Rosa and Maizie.

All of them need a couple of months of around the clock bottle feeding along with regular medical monitoring.

These little ones still haven't quite figured out how to grab onto their bottles but BC SPCA said their paws wave excitedly in the air when it's mealtime.



Three other animals from the same litter didn't survive but the four that did are on their way to getting better.

"Staff at the dump discovered the surviving four kittens and immediately rushed them to a local veterinarian who contacted us," said Marika Donnelly, manager of the BC SPCA's Sunshine Coast Branch, in a news release.

Once Cabo, Storm, Rosa and Maizie are back up on their feet and healthy, they'll be available for adoption.

The society is now raising money to help care for these recent rescues.

The goal is $1,720 which will go towards surgeries, medications, treatments, vaccinations, regular health checks and daily care.

If the medical and care costs of these little ones end up being less than what was raised, the leftover money will be used to provide care for other animals.