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The White House Has More COVID-19 Cases Than Each Atlantic Province Right Now

Donald Trump isn't the only one who is sick.
The White House Has More Covid-19 Cases Than Each Atlantic Province Right Now

The number of White House COVID-19 cases is higher than each of Canada's Atlantic provinces right now.

You read that right. 

As of this moment, our country's active case count in the four Atlantic provinces is less than that of the president's home. 

After U.S. President Donald Trump was transported to a hospital with COVID-19, news soon followed that four other members of the house also tested positive.  

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6 White House COVID-19 cases

Along with Trump and his wife, Melania, four other White House members tested positive too, including the president's campaign manager and two senators, according to CNN.

This brings the count to around six active cases from the White House.

Meanwhile, in Canada, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island hold fewer cases, ranging from two to five cases in each province.

There are also apparently more cases of COVID-19 in the White House than in all of New Zealand too, according to the New Zealand Herald and a now-viral tweet that has prompted discussion.  

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