Justin Trudeau Posted A Touching Tribute To His Late Brother For His Birthday

The youngest Trudeau brother died in 1998.
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Justin Trudeau's Brother's Birthday Was Marked By A Touching Tribute From The PM

It's been more than 20 years since the youngest Trudeau sibling died. Justin Trudeau's brother's birthday was marked by a touching tribute from the prime minister.

On October 2, Trudeau posted on social media about his late brother Michel, the youngest of Pierre and Margaret Trudeau's children.

He shared a photo of his brother out in nature with hiking gear on.

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"You would have been 45 today, little brother," the prime minister said in his post.

Trudeau also noted that Michel is thought about every single day by himself and his loved ones.

"We miss you and love you lots," he said.

Michel died in B.C. back in 1998 after an avalanche swept him into a lake where he drowned.

Trudeau often posts photos of his brother on social media to mark his birthday.

On what would've been Michel's 43rd birthday in 2018, which was also the 20th year he'd been gone, the prime minister shared a shot of the two of them together with another touching message.

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