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Between all the donuts from Tims and Krispy Kreme last week and the fried chicken sandwiches Burger King gave away earlier this month, we've been blessed with so much free food.

This week, you can score another tasty treat on the house.

BK has teamed up with Heinz and the Waze app to give those stuck in traffic a chance to score a free ketchup bottle and Impossible Whopper.

If you haven't already tried it, it's a delicious plant-based burger topped with the usual fixings of lettuce, tomato, pickles mayo and onions.

Now until July 4, you can load up the Waze app on your phone and whenever you're stuck in traffic and moving as slowly as a ketchup bottle (that's 0.045km an hour!) you'll receive ads about this freebie. It's such a clever campaign if you think about it!

Once you click on the ad, you can fill out your contact info and they'll mail you the coupons that are valid until the end of the year.

Want to make your own burgers at home while you wait for the coupons to arrive? We found an awesome BBQ tool set on sale.

MOSFiATA BBQ Grill Tools Set

Price: $33.99 ($39.99)

Details: You can get a nine-piece set on Amazon so you have everything you need the next time you throw a big burger bash for your friends. It comes with a spatula, power tongs, grill fork, basting brush, knife, skewers, two grill mats, and storage apron.

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