The blatantly racist message in a recalled Ontario high school yearbook was apparently not an isolated incident.

An update from the Durham Regional Police reveals that nine other students from St. Mary Catholic Secondary School in Pickering have come forward to say that their profiles were altered.

Police noted that the students "were a mixture of female and male, from various cultural backgrounds."

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One female student was criticized about body image; and another for his school grades.

Durham Regional Police

They also said that only one of these newly revealed caption alterations contained any racial overtones.

The investigation into who switched out the submitted quotes is ongoing, but police are asking anyone with information about the person responsible for the changes to come forward.

The racist message placed under Joshua Telemaque's profile went viral after his aunt posted about it on Facebook. His original quote was a message to his deceased grandmother.

The teenager has since received support and birthday wishes from the Toronto Raptors, and has also been offered a full four-year scholarship to the university or college of his choosing from the Pinball Clemons Foundation.

The school also issued an official apology for the yearbooks.