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How This Queen Embraces The Extraordinary

She's a self-proclaimed "human disaster."

Bom Bae is more than just a Toronto drag queen - she's a virtual drag show host - and she sat down to give Narcity a look into her life.

If you ask her what kind of drag she does, Bom Bae will tell you she is a "Club Kid," a movement that embraces the eccentric and out of the ordinary.

To see her perform, you only need to head over to the Speakeasy Twitch channel, a queer collective based out of a Toronto tattoo shop.

Bom Bae explains that they've given their audience "accessible drag" through online streaming and have been able to expand their roster of performers. She said that "with things gone digital, you have no excuse not to make your lineups diverse."

With everything coming back, she hopes "some of that attitude that audiences, producers and promoters have carries on."