On Tuesday, the prime minister confirmed that he had received Ralph Goodale’s Iran plane tragedy report, providing an insight into the air disaster that occurred back in January.

Acknowledging the new information via Twitter, Trudeau confirmed that he continues to work alongside Minister of Foreign Affairs François-Philippe Champagne and Minister of Transport Marc Garneau to get justice for the victims’ families.

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When Iran shot down Flight 752, 176 innocent people lost their lives. 138 of them had ties to Canada. Justin Trudeau

The report comes from Ralph Goodale, who is the Special Advisor for Canada’s ongoing response to the tragedy.

While Trudeau’s formal statement shared no additional information about the cause of the incident, he thanked Goodale for “his dedication, heartfelt work, and thoughtful recommendations.”

The PM said the report contains “valuable recommendations” about how lessons can be learned from the disaster and said its findings will be used to establish “best practices to respond” in the future.

One of the issues highlighted by the new report was the importance of helping the victims’ families in the aftermath of the tragedy. 

"Relentless pursuit of the truth about what happened is absolutely vital,” said Trudeau. 

He noted that Iran has been asked “vital” questions, which Canada expects them to answer “comprehensively, with supporting evidence, to demonstrate the credibility of its investigations, and to convince the international civil aviation community that Iran can provide a safe airspace.”

This report comes as the one year anniversary of the tragedy, which occurred on January 8, 2020, approaches.

A total of 176 people were killed when the Iranian military shot down the passenger plane, mistaking it for a “hostile target.”

This included 55 Canadian citizens and 30 Canadian permanent residents, as well as people from Britain, Ukraine, Afghanistan and Sweden.