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Jagmeet Singh Was On Lilly Singh's TV Show & Talked About Confronting Hate With Love

She said he has the "patience of a king."
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Jagmeet Singh Was On Lilly Singh's Late-Night Show & Shared An Experience With Hate

The late-night talk show scene had a real Canada moment when Jagmeet Singh joined Canadian Lilly Singh for an interview on her show.

On A Little Late With Lilly Singh, he was asked about how he confronts hate with kindness and if he could share a moment when that happened.

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Jagmeet brought up an incident from 2017 when he was running to be the leader of the NDP and someone aggressively interrupted a campaign rally and called him a Muslim terrorist.

He said that whenever someone comes at him with Islamophobia he'll always say he doesn't believe in that type of hate, he'll never say he's not Muslim.

Then the video of the incident was played and Lilly said that he has the "patience of a king."

Jagmeet noted that he thinks that moment was special for people to see.

"You don't have to respond to hate and anger with the same kind of anger, you can respond with love," he said.

In late 2020, he also talked about hate and the violence he's experienced because of hate since he was a kid.

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