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Justin Trudeau Says He’s ‘Open’ To Replacing Canada’s First-Past-The-Post Voting System

He also revealed what kind of voting system he'd prefer to see in Canada.👇🗳

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Justin Trudeau Says He’s ‘Open’ To Replacing Canada’s First-Past-The-Post Voting System

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has revealed that he's not opposed to reforming Canada's current voting system, although he says he would not prefer proportional representation as an alternative.

Speaking from Ontario on Saturday, the current prime minister confirmed that he remains "open" to scrapping Canada's current first-past-the-post system.

"I have always been a fan of ranked ballots where people get to choose first choice, second choice, third choice," he told reporters on September 18. "I think it forces parties to come together and make a pitch to be the second choice of other voters and therefore they are less divisive as elections."

The party leader went on to say that he is "not a fan of proportional representation" as an alternative, as he says the system "gives more weight to smaller parties that are perhaps fringe parties."

He explained that electoral reform was considered by the Liberal Party "years ago" but there was no firm consensus among political parties.

Trudeau concluded by saying the issue was "not a priority" right now, but added, "if ever there is more of a consensus, it could be interesting to follow up on and I'd be open to that because I've never flinched in my desire for ranked ballots."

Canadians will head to the polls on Monday, September 20.

    Helena Hanson
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