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B.C. Lookout Point Makes You Feel Like You're Walking In The Sky

If you are someone who loves to take the scenic route, then you need to find this hidden gem. On a gorgeous day, with a blue sky filled with puffy white clouds, the last thing you want to do is waste the day indoors. This hidden B.C. lookout point will make you feel like you're walking in the sky and it's waiting to be discovered.

Once you see photos of the Sicamous Lookout, you are going to want to go right away.

Located in the North Okanagan Valley, just 5.5-hours from Vancouver, you'll find a piece of paradise. Standing on the wooden platform, you'll get to enjoy a view so pretty it is hard to believe it is real.

In front of you will be the glistening blue water of Shuswap Lake and Eagle River. Plus, eye-catching towering mountains and trees in every shade of green.

With a vista like this, you probably think it will take you hours to get there. But it hardly a big hike at all.

It is the perfect lazy day adventure when you aren't sure what to do.

Honestly, your car will do all the work climbing up the logging road. Then you can park on the gravel lot, and in a few steps, you are there.

The Sicamous Lookout is a wooden platform used by local hang-gliders.

There are no safety rails around the edge, so make sure to be careful when visiting it. Plus, on the drive, there be mindful any logging traffic on the road.

With the magic of the Okanagan Valley behind you, it is a fantastic photo spot.

Or if you are looking for a cheap date idea, it would be a romantic spot for having a picnic in the sky.

Before you head the door, it is a good idea to load the lookout in Google Maps to help you find the spot to park. 

Find your new favourite selfie spot that makes you look like you climbed a mountain for the views.

Sicamous Lookout

Address: Old Logging Rd., Sicamous, BC

Why You Need To Go: You won't believe the view from this secret lookout.

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