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This Abandoned Hotel In BC Is Like Stepping Back In Time

The perfect fall road trip! 🚗

You don't need a time machine to travel back in time — just head to Kaleden Hotel Park.

The ruins near Kelowna, are just one hour south by car next to Skaha Lake.

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BC Has A Secret Vineyard Where You Can Sip Wine Next To Fluffy Sheep

Not a baad place for a glass of wine. 🐑

Animal-lovers, you need to sip a glass of wine at this secret Okanagan Vineyard.

While B.C. has no shortage of extraordinary wineries, what makes Daydreamer Winery extra special is they have fluffy sheep.

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BC's Cozy 'Wine Barrel' Cabin Is Less Than $100 A Night

Perfect for a super cheap fall road trip.

This adorable round Airbnb in B.C. is the perfect example of how good things can come in small packages.

Narcity may receive a portion of sales if you purchase something from this article, which was created independently by Narcity's editorial team just for you.

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You Can Meet The Fluffiest Cows Ever At A Winery In BC This Fall

They are almost cartoonishly cute. 😍

There's a kind of cow that's so beautiful you'll think that it was photoshop. You can see highland cows in B.C. if you want to meet them in real life. Covert Farms in Oliver, B.C. is home to 21 of the fluffiest cows ever and they even pitch in to help make some of the best local wine. 

Right now, there's a cow and a calf chilling by the wine lounge where you can do a tasting or shop for bottles. You're welcome to book a tour or tasting in advance and then come up to the farm in the Okanagan.

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BC's Secret 'Glass Castle' Is Made From Over Half A Million Little Jars

No stone-throwing allowed!

There's a ton of magic hiding in the province, you just have to know where to look. The glass castle in B.C. is one such wonder, and it's ready to make you gasp and do a double-take on your road trip this summer. This enormous building is somehow even more than meets the eye — there's a lot of history behind its glass.

Many a traveller passing by Kootenay Lake near the Rocky Mountains might have stumbled upon this place and wondered if they were hallucinating. How did this giant castle wind up here of all places?

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Kelowna's 'Doughnut' BBQ Boats Are The Ultimate Summer Party In BC

Because burgers on the lake taste better. 🍔

Grill up some good times. Just because you live in an apartment with a tiny balcony doesn't mean you have to miss out on juicy burgers with your friends. Did you know you can rent BBQ boats in Kelowna for the ultimate party on the water this summer?

Before summer is over, you'll want to test out Maeg's BBQ Boat. You can captain a doughnut-shaped private vessel and sail Okanagan Lake with seven of your friends.

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