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11 Hidden Gems Around Kelowna That Only Locals Know About

Knowing all the hot spots around a city takes time. But that’s where we come in. Kelowna is a small B.C. city that actually has iconic hidden gems. From secret bars to must-see trails, we came up with a list of hidden gems around Kelowna you simply must see for yourself. Bookmark this page and treat it as a bucket list for the next time you’re in town. 

Whether you are new to Kelowna or are just looking for new things to do, this list has you covered.

These diverse hidden secrets around the city are exactly what you need to hit up the next time you have a day off. 

From outdoor adventures to bars and bakeries that may be overlooked, you're going to like what you see. 

Tons of these places are frequented by locals so chat with the people around you if you’re wanting some more ideas on what to do. 

As long as you treat the areas, and employees, with respect, you'll always be welcome back. 

But if anyone asks, you didn’t hear any of these secrets from us.   

Angel Springs Trail

Address: Kelowna, BC

Why You Need To Go: Hope you like waterfalls. This adorable trail sports a couple beauties and the water is actually heated geo-thermally. On the surface, it'll feel about 25 C and have an orange hue.

Micro Bar

Address: 1500 Water St., Kelowna, BC

Why You Need To Go: This bar has some of the best cocktails in town. The place itself is small which means it's intimate enough to have private conversations. The cocktail and tapas food list changes regularly so chances are if you go on separate occasions, everything will be different.

Drag Brunch Every Sunday 

Address: 315 Lawrence Ave., Kelowna, BC

Why You Need To Go: Every Sunday Kelowna’s only LGBTQ2+ bar hosts drag brunch. While you sit and enjoy some amazing food and even better drinks you'll be entertained by tons of local queens. Just be prepared to laugh until your stomach hurts.

Sprout Bakery 

Address: 1295 Cannery Ln #125, Kelowna, BC

Why You Need To Go: If you like gourmet bread then this is the spot for you. Sprout is a cute little bakery located in a back ally in the heart of downtown. If you don’t know what you’re looking for you may miss it. Chances are they'll have their massive garage door open so you can follow your nose all the way there.

Jack’s Pizza & Liquor 

Address: 231 Bernard Ave., Kelowna, BC

Why You Need To Go: This tiny place boasts some huge personality. The bar is stocked with some of the best tequila in town and their California-style pizzas named after pop culture classics are where it’s at. When you get there, be sure to take a cute Instagram picture against their massive record wall.

Jackknife Brewing

Address: 727 Baillie Ave., Kelowna, BC

Why You Need To Go: New to Kelowna, this brewery has great beer but even better pizza. Once you get one slice you will be craving the cheesy goodness for life. In the area, there are tons of other breweries so we recommend exploring a bit.

hatch Winery 

Address: 3225 Boucherie Rd., Kelowna, BC

Why You Need To Go: Kelowna is known for its wineries but often times the smaller ones are overlooked. Located in West Kelowna is the cutest little winery that produces arguably some of the best wine in the Okanagan. Ask for the Ocotobubble. You won’t regret it.

Kangaroo Creek Farm 

Address: 5932 Old Vernon Rd., Kelowna, BC

Why You Need To Go: You don’t need to go to Australia to cuddle with kangaroos and capybaras. There's a farm right in town that allows you to get super up close and personal with these cuties. You can even hand feed them.

Bar Norcino 

Address: 1423 Ellis St., Kelowna, BC

Why You Need To Go: Kelowna’s one and only speakeasy is a well-kept secret. All you need to do to access it is go to the bartenders at Curious Cafe and say “Bar Norcino.” You will then be escorted to a separate part of the restaurant where you can drink all the fun cocktails you want.

Third Space Cafe

Address: 1708 Dolphin Ave #103, Kelowna, BC

Why You Need To Go: This isn’t your ordinary coffee shop. All of the profits are reinvested into the community including funding counselling and programs that surround mental health. So you can feel good about enjoying your morning cup of Joe.

BNA Brewery & Bowling

Address: 1250 Ellis St., Kelowna, BC

Why You Need To Go: This hot spot hosts a massive bowling ally and bocce ball upstairs. All the beer is made in house and while you sip, you can play old school video games. Need we say more?

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