An Ontario Small Town Is Like A Mini European Vacation Right On Your Doorstep

And you don't need to board a plane to visit!
An Ontario Small Town Is Like A Mini European Vacation Right On Your Doorstep
This Small Town In Ontario Is Like Strolling Through The Streets Of Europe (VIDEO)

Europe is calling! If your need to travel is bubbling over right now, then a trip to this charming Ontario small town might be just what you need. With castle-like buildings, beautiful ruins, and charming cafes, you can pretend you're in some far-off European land without ever leaving the province.

Cambridge, Ontario is located just over an hour away from Toronto, making it an easy day trip destination for you and your bestie.

Here you'll find the downtown streets lined with colourful brick buildings that will have you feeling like you got lost in London, England.

And if you get hungry while you wander, one of the best buildings to visit is the Cambridge Mill.

Not only is the menu there truly mouth-watering, but their waterside patio is what dreams are made of — it'll take you from that London vibe right to the Mediterranean.

Basically, after a visit to Cambridge, you'll be saying “Euro, who?"

What's even better about this charming city is its proximity to Paris, Ontario, one of the prettiest towns in the whole province.

There's even a gorgeous nature trail that leads you from one town to the other on foot.

So once you've experienced all that Cambridge has to offer, you can hike over to Paris for a taste of France right here in Ontario.

Really, why settle for one European-inspired destination when you could enjoy two?

Of course, with so much going on in this little city, you might never get bored.

Another must-see building is the Central Presbyterian Church on Queens Square.

The castle-like spot looks like something straight out of a Disney movie.

But the truth is, no matter what part you explore, you're sure to find beauty in Cambridge.

So go on, put those passports away and take a look at what Ontario has to offer.


Price: Free

Address: Cambridge, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can let your imagination whisk you away to a mini European vacation when you spend the day touring this charming Ontario city.