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You Can Meet The Fluffiest Cows Ever At A Winery In BC This Fall

They are almost cartoonishly cute. 😍

There's a kind of cow that's so beautiful you'll think that it was photoshop. You can see highland cows in B.C. if you want to meet them in real life. Covert Farms in Oliver, B.C. is home to 21 of the fluffiest cows ever and they even pitch in to help make some of the best local wine. 

Right now, there's a cow and a calf chilling by the wine lounge where you can do a tasting or shop for bottles. You're welcome to book a tour or tasting in advance and then come up to the farm in the Okanagan.

You'll want to join a tour to see more of them and watch them at work. There are grazing fields right next to the vineyards where they're usually found.*

The fall is the best time to go see them because, after the harvest, the cows go in to graze on all the leftovers on the ground.

Gene Covert told Narcity that they are not here purely for decorative purposes. They're hard workers.

They focus on "regenerative farming" so they use programs and practices that hack nature to help keep the land healthy and the wines delicious.

Highland cows were chosen especially because they're a good fit on their farm — it's just a bonus that they happen to be especially cute and fluffy.

For these cows, their horns are just like cat whiskers. They're really sensitive and they use them to scratch their backs and forage around for food.

If you're planning to go on a fall road trip in B.C., then you have to put this on your bucket list.

Both animal-lovers and wine-lovers will find something precious here.

Covert Family Farms

Price: Free, tours and wine tastings available

Address: 300 Covert Pl., Oliver, BC

Why You Need To Go: Giant fluffy highland cows call this winery home and you can see them up close.

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*This article has been updated.