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A BC Man Was Caught Throwing A 60-Person Party With A Live Band & Refused To Shut It Down

B.C. law enforcement had their work cut out for them when they came across a party in Grand Forks that was so big it even had a live band. 

According to a statement by the RCMP, they had arrived on scene on Saturday, October 10 after a bunch of noise complaints. 

"Several callers reported hearing a live band that had reportedly been playing for several hours," said the release. 

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Upon arriving at the home, officers observed a live band playing in the backyard and what they estimated to be over 60 people, failing to obey physical distancing requirements and not wearing personal protective equipment. 


The officers found the party’s host and told him to shut it down because it was breaking COVID-19 rules and because of the noise.

The man refused and was slapped with a $230 ticket for “failing to abide by the direction of a law enforcement officer” and a second ticket of the same amount for “failing to comply with patron distancing conditions.”

Apparently, officers had to leave to deal with another matter but not before giving the man his tickets.

Though, they continued to get noise complaints and are now investigating the host for mischief.

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