A new lawsuit has been filed against the officer implicated in the Mona Wang allegations. Constable Lacey Browning is now being accused of assault by Fiona Louise Read, another woman from the Okanagan. According to Read's lawsuit, Browning assaulted her during an arrest on January 1, 2016, in Kelowna, B.C.

On January 20, 2020, Lacey Browning reportedly assaulted Mona Wang during a mental wellness check. Videos taken from her apartment show Browning dragging Wang by the hair and kicking her on the head in one instance. 

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A similar allegation has now emerged from 2016 involving Fiona Louise Read. 

This assault allegedly happened when the plaintiff Fiona Read was walking back home following a New Year's Eve party, according to the court document. 

Read had planned to stay the night at her friends' house, which was next to the party's venue. But she later changed her mind and wanted to go home, after all, the document said. 

The document mentions the Read's "friends decided they would seek to stop the plaintiff from leaving," and were trying to make her stay.

She ultimately got away from her friends. As she was walking on the street, a police vehicle stopped on the opposite side of the road.

Read approached the officer, Lacey Browning, and asked her to look into why Read's friends were forcing her to stay the night at their home.  

Then, "the plaintiff was asked by Browning to confirm if her name was Fiona." 

Read said that was her name."Upon the plaintiff confirming to Browning that her name was Fiona, Browning grabbed the plaintiff, flipped her around, grabbed her by her hair and pounded her head into the ground multiple times, causing damage to the plaintiff’s face," reads the lawsuit. 

Read was allegedly pushed into the ground so many times that she apparently lost count. 

The lawsuit claims that Read suffered extensive facial injuries as a result. "Neither RCMP nor Browning allowed the plaintiff to be treated by paramedics."

"Browning detained the plaintiff for over six hours without advising her of the reasons for detention," states the document. 

Read was eventually charged with "resisting arrest and assault." The lawsuit claims that Browning charged Read to "cover up her assault" on the plaintiff. 

But the Crown did not approve the charges.

Janelle Shoihet of BC RCMP told Narcity in an email that the allegations mentioned in the lawsuit are "being reviewed to determine if there are any other actions that need to be taken." 

As for the Mona Wang case, Shoihet told us that the Abbotsford Police Department is conducting an investigation as an "external" body. 

Browning remains on administrative leave, she said. 

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