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Video Of Edmonton Cop Kneeling On Black Man’s Neck Surfaces Online (VIDEO)

"Once I saw the George Floyd video, it made me cry."

An Edmonton local has shared a video from her past. On Tuesday, June 2, a woman posted a video of her husband getting arrested by the Edmonton Police Service. The 2018 Edmonton police video depicts her husband getting pinned down by an officer whose knee is on his neck while he is face-down on the ground.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers. This article includes violent images.

The video was posted by Sifa Ngeze on her Facebook page. 

Ngeze told Narcity in an interview that she was driving to a grocery store in July 2018 when she got in a car accident.  

She was being questioned by the police officers at the scene when she decided to call her husband, Jean-Claude Rukundo, to help her out. Initially, talks were civil and the cops asked them whether they had a towing service, she said. 

"While my husband was on the phone, other cops came along," she said. 

"Then the police were like 'If you're not involved in the car accident, I need you to leave the scene.'"

To which her husband replied, "I cannot leave because my wife is hurt and I'm on the phone, as you can see."

"When the police asked for the third time, he was very mad," said Ngeze. 

"Then the cop said, 'If you don't leave the scene, I'll arrest you' but my husband said, 'Seriously, Sir?'

"Then the cop said, 'Yeah, you're under arrest.'"

The video depicts how the arrest happened.

Ngeze said that her husband was in custody for about ten minutes. 

"They didn't even know his name. When he was at the police station, they thought he was somebody from Vancouver they'd been looking for," she said. 

Patrycja Mokrzan, a media representative from the Edmonton Police Service, said Rukundo "was asked multiple times to leave the immediate scene of the collision." 

A second police officer arrived and tried to lead the man away to a safe distance, said Mokrzan. "It was this time the male pushed one of the police officers and assumed an aggressive stance."

"The officers present determined the male was arrestable," said the police representative. 

She told us that the investigation into the matter was completed in 2019. One of the officers was disciplined for swearing during the arrest. 

As for the video emerging now, Ngeze said she chose to share the arrest video now because she was too scared to do it before. "Before I thought, it's not even going to be heard. I'd be in trouble with the police." 

"But once I saw the George Floyd video, it made me cry," she said. "Because it put me back to the same position I was in." 

"It's time to expose the police because it's not just in the States," she said. 

"The message I'm trying to get out is to speak for black people. You know, we're mistreated. I want them to know that you have the right to speak," she said. 

"Back home, we're taught not to speak. I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of black people that are going through this right now. They just don't have the voice." 

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