Justin Turner's Wife Is So Dodger Blue That She's Basically A One Woman Cheerleading Squad

Kourtney Turner just might be the most supportive partner in all of baseball, based on all of the photos she's been posting in support of the Los Angeles Dodgers as they rally through the postseason.

The podcaster and wife to Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner has completely devoted the past few months of her Instagram account to cheering on the boys in blue.

While she's never been shy about showing her support for her husband's team (even before the two married in 2017), she is really going all out in 2020.

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She is truly a whole team of cheerleaders in one person — the most Dodgery of Dodgers fans.

It's all Dodgers all the time over here, complete with a white and blue coin purse that says "Turner."

She posed in the most stylish Justin Turner themed sweatshirt, in front of a blue and white tiled wall (in the team bathroom), as you do.

...A few times, actually (she kinda turned it into a whole thing).

Even while supporting other organizations, she is still supporting the Dodgers.

And, of course, she often joins forces with other players' partners, seen here with Madisyn Van Ham (Corey Seager’s girlfriend) and Kellie Muncy (Max Muncy’s wife).

The support never stops and it's heartwarming.

If the Dodgers win the World Series, partial credit is definitely going to Kourtney.

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