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You Can Watch The World Series At Dodger Stadium This Year...Kind Of

You're doing it from the parking lot and it's on some REAL big televsions.
You Can Watch The World Series At Dodger Stadium This Year...Kind Of

The Los Angeles Dodgers are going to the World Series after beating the Atlanta Braves last night in game 7 of the NLCS, and you can watch them compete, in person, in the fall classic at Dodger Stadium — sort of.

This isn't like regular years (clearly) so no games will actually be held IN the stadium, but fans can watch the game from the comfort of their cars in the stadium parking lot.

Tickets are currently on sale right now on the Dodger's website and like everything else in Los Angeles, you know they'll be gone quickly, so you better hurry up and grab them while you have the chance.

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75 dollars per car to participate in Dodger's viewing parties

There are pretty strict rules for these viewing parties — tickets must be purchased in advance and you absolutely must stay in your car unless to use the restroom or if there is some sort of emergency.

There will be multiple 60-foot screens broadcasting the game at the viewing parties.

Sports are generally going pretty well in Los Angeles right now  — the Dodger's advancement comes only a week after the Los Angeles Lakers won their championship series

Here's hoping sports, generally, can continue being the hero that Los Angeles needs right now, in this time of general unrest in every other part of our lives. 

Game 1 of the series begins October 20 at 5:09 p.m.

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