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Georgia Aquarium’s New Shark Exhibit Is Officially Opening To The Public This Month

You can get face-to-face with the ‘predators of the deep.’

The Georgia Aquarium is bringing you just inches away from one of the most feared animals on the planet at its newest gallery, SHARKS! Predators of the Deep.

After years in the making, the highly-anticipated exhibit will be open to the public on October 23.

You can gaze in awe at five different species of these underwater predators — hammerheads, silvertips, sand tigers, silky sharks and tiger sharks — swimming in the 20-foot-deep, 185-foot-long exhibit through enormous floor-to-ceiling windows.

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[Guests] will find themselves standing inches away from some of the most feared and mysterious animals on the planet.

Dr. Brian Davis, President & CEO of Georgia Aquarium

Thousands of fish will also swim throughout the 1.2 million gallons of saltwater inside the habitat. 

If you want to get really hands-on with the predators of the sea, the aquarium has two brand-new immersive experiences.

In the first, guests can wade into an immersion pool where they will learn about zebra sharks and stingrays while in the water with the animals. 

Georgia Aquarium Sharks Atlanta Georgia Aquarium

The second experience plunges you deep into the waters of the main habitat inside a dive cage that moves underwater, bringing you face-to-face with the sharks.

Georgia Aquarium Sharks Atlanta Georgia Aquarium

The SHARKS! Predators of the Deep exhibit is included with a general admission ticket, and reservations are available now for October 23 and beyond.

Tickets for the Shark & Ray Interaction and the Shark Cage Dive are sold separately. 

SHARKS! Predators of the Deep

Price: $35.95 for general admission

When: Starting October 23, 2020

Address: 225 Baker St. N.W., Atlanta, GA

Why You Need To Go: To experience these predators like you've never experienced them before. 

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