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Adorable Video Shows What Floridian 'Purple Hearts' Star Sofia Carson's Childhood Was Like

She manifested her wildest dreams. ✨

Florida Associate Editor
Sofia Carson in a dress and glam. Right: Sofia Carson with her 'Purple Hearts' co-star, Nicholas Galitzine, in uniform.

Sofia Carson in a dress and glam. Right: Sofia Carson with her 'Purple Hearts' co-star, Nicholas Galitzine, in uniform.

Netflix's Purple Hearts immediately climbed to the No. 1 spot amid its debut, and actress and producer, Sofia Carson, practically manifested her wildest dreams as a child.

The star grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Born in 1993, she sprouted to be a talented triple threat. An adorable video was found on her Instagram page and posted in June for her best friend's birthday, and it shows the pair dancing and singing.

A similar video, published back in August 2018, is of just her and she wrote the most heartwarming caption.

"As I watched the videos, I saw the little girl who used to dress up, put bandannas on her head, sing and dance across her living room floor with such confidence & such certainty," Carson captioned. "Certain that this is exactly what she was meant to do with her life. Certain that this wasn’t just something she loved, it was who she was."

Growing up in the Sunshine State, Carson went to St. Hugh School in Coconut Grove and graduated from Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart in Miami.

According to IMDB, she is Colombian-American and comes from relation to many politicians in the South American country, though she had different dreams growing up.

She went to UCLA for college where she started studying her craft and then later followed her passions in the television industry.

She starred in Disney Channel shows and then landed her big break in Descendants, before moving onto Netflix originals, like Feel The Beat.

The actress frequently reminds her fans of her Florida roots and supports the state issues. She showed her advocacy for March For Our Lives, in regard to the Parkland school shooting in 2018 and even prayed for those impacted by Hurricane Irma a year earlier in 2017.

Now, her new movie that's been trending on the TV streaming platform, Purple Hearts, has received some harsh critics from viewers about some of the character development.

In recent days, the singer has defended her work and she stays true to all of the projects that she's worked on. She continues to post about the movie on her Instagram page, as well.

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