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Tropical Storm Isaias In Florida Exposed Tons Of Sea Turtle Nests Over The Weekend

Tropical Storm Isaias swept through southern and east-central Florida over the weekend, exposing a number of sea turtle nests across the Sunshine State's beaches, but the Loggerhead Marinelife Center would rather concerned residents not intervene.

While it may be sad to see, exposed nests and eggs have the best chance at survival if they're left alone; however, if you happen to find a disoriented baby turtle, there is something a good samaritan like yourself can do to help.

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The nests and eggs have the best chance of survival if they remain untouched.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center

If you come across a sick, injured or disoriented hatchling, they ask that you bring it in a bucket without water and damp sand.

The center has a hatchling drop off cooler at the front of the building that’s available 24/7.

Though they close during storms, staff still check the cooler frequently and continue providing care for their animal patients.

The center officially reopened Monday morning, where you can go to visit and learn more about Florida’s marine life.

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