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More People Have Early Voted In Texas Than The Entire Population Of Arizona

Is Texas a battleground state this year? This election is going to be insane 🤯

Early voting is nearing its end in Texas and the numbers so far are absolutely insane.

All eyes are on the state for the upcoming election, as there is a strong push to turn the traditionally red state blue, which hasn't happened since the 1976 presidential election.

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Texas has broken the early voting record... and there's still more to come

As of October 27, over 7.8 million people had voted in the lone star state. That's more than the entire population of Arizona, which is nearly 7.3 million. 

Texas even broke its own early voting record on Monday, crushing the previous 2016 record of 6.6 million voters.

Voters also had a little help breaking that record this year thanks to Governor Greg Abbott, who extended the early voting time by six days due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

California is the only state with a higher voter turnout so far in early voting but not by much, with just 7.9 million Californians casting ballots. 

Where are the voters? 

It should come as no surprise that Harris County, which houses Houston, is currently leading the pack in Texas for voter turnout with over 1.1 million people voting as of Tuesday, which is 46% of registered voters in the county.

Dallas County is currently in second place with nearly 640 thousand voters casting their ballots, which is also 46% of registered voters there. 

Tarrant County, the home of Fort Worth, sits at third with 47% of registered voters, which is a whopping 570 thousand heading to the polls.

Numbers will only continue to grow as three days of early voting remains.

Is Texas a battleground state this year? 

Ever since the 2018 United States Senate Election of Ted Cruz and Beto O'Rourke, the idea of Texas voting blue has become more of a reality than ever. 

In 2016, four of the five biggest counties voted for Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump, causing Texans to sit on the edge of their seats until the results were announced. 

In fact, a recent poll was done by The Dallas Morning News and it currently shows Joe Biden having a slight lead over President Trump in the lone star state. 

But we'll all just have to wait a few short days until the general election on Tuesday, November 3rd, to find out the answer to the question we are all asking... Who's going to fix this mess of a year?