This New Mexico City Is The Ultimate Galactic Adventure & It Even Has A UFO-Shaped McDonald's

Get ready for an out-of-this-world experience! 👽

Desk Editor, Texas
A man looking at the "Welcome to Roswell" sign. Right: A woman outside of the UFO-Shaped McDonald's in Roswell, NM.

A man looking at the "Welcome to Roswell" sign. Right: A woman outside of the UFO-Shaped McDonald's in Roswell, NM.

If you’re into out-of-the-ordinary experiences and love hopping in a car for a road trip filled with the most exciting adventures, there’s a city in New Mexico that will check off everything on your bucket list when it comes to fun and unconventional stuff to do.

Roswell, NM is a small city located three hours away from Albuquerque, and there is one single thing that you’ll start noticing as soon as you enter this community…aliens.

This New Mexican territory is mostly known for an alleged UFO incident recorded dozens of years ago.

According to the City of Roswell site, on July 7, 1947, an alleged extraterrestrial spacecraft and its alien occupants crashed on a ranch. Ever since the 70s, this event has been the subject of several controversies and conspiracy theories.

However, many businesses in the area have taken the alien buzz to the city’s benefit, and today Roswell is the perfect spot to learn and experience some galactic adventures.

You can begin your journey at the International UFO Museum and Research Center, a place to find all the history and data regarding the 1947 previously mentioned crash.

Once your brain is full of new knowledge, you can make your way through Spaceport Roswell, a virtual experience that will let you take several intergalactic rides.

The alien fun continues at the Roswell UFO Spacewalk and Gallery, a blacklight art installation where you’ll be surrounded by unique sci-fi work.

If you’re still not tired — or hungry — after leaving the gallery, there’s more waiting for you at the Robert H. Goddard Planetarium and the Area 52 Tactical Laser Tag.

However, if food is what you’re desperately looking for, hitting your usual fast food spot doesn’t feel the same in Roswell, and McDonald’s knows it.

There is a Golden Arches location here that is nothing like any other, as the restaurant is shaped like a UFO. There's also a Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins location that comes with a giant alien holding the spots’ sign.

Roswell has a variety of chain hotels like Hampton Inn, Best Western, La Quinta, and Fairfield Inn, but if more extraterrestrial fun is what you want, The Roswell Inn is your perfect option, as this place is equipped with some alien details.

Are you ready for some out-of-this-world fun?

Fernanda Leon
Desk Editor, Texas
Fernanda Leon is an Editor for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on Texas and is based in El Paso, Texas.
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