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Street & Subway Signs In NYC Were Changed In Celebration Of President Biden's Inauguration

An NYC artist got creative — "Anyone could have done it. But I had to do it. For Joe."
New York City Astoria 46th Street Station Joe Biden Adrian Wilson

If you walk around New York City right now, you might notice that some of the street and subway signs have changed to pay homage to America's newest president — Joe Biden

That's because NYC artist, Adrian Wilson, transformed the signs to celebrate Biden's inauguration

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Wilson changed Astoria's 46th Street subway station tiling to read "46th Joe" as a tribute to the 46th U.S. president — Joe Biden. 

New York City Astoria 46th Street Station Joe Biden Adrian Wilson

In smaller tiling below it, he also modified the exit instructions from "46th St." to "45th OUT" — pointing to 45th president Donald Trump's exit from office.

New York City Astoria 46th Street Station Joe Biden Adrian Wilson

The station sign leading down to the M & R train platforms was also transformed to read "MR. BIDEN".

New York City Astoria 46th Street Station Joe Biden Adrian Wilson

Plus, the Thompson Street sign was revised to say "Trump Gone St." and the one-way sign above it now spells out "GONE AWAY".

So, if you're in NYC, keep an eye out for Biden tributes both above ground on street signs and below ground when the subway doors open. 

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