A spike in COVID-19 cases at a Calgary condo is alarming health officials. On Sunday, June 28, Alberta Health officially put the outbreak at Verve Condominiums in Calgary under "COVID-19 Watch." The building has recorded 45 cases of the disease as of Monday, June 29. 

According to the Government of Alberta, an outbreak meets the criteria for being put under COVID-19 watch when it has at least 10 active cases of COVID-19. It also needs to have more than 50 active cases per 100,000 people in the area. 

As a result, "the province is monitoring the risk and discussing with local government(s) and other community leaders the possible need for additional health measures," according to the government.  

Verve Condominiums falls under the Calgary-Centre health administrative region for Alberta Health. The region has 34 active cases and 51.4 active cases per 100,000 of the population. 

Both numbers take it over the threshold and place the outbreak site as under watch. 

On June 23, Alberta Health Services had written a letter to the staff and residents of the apartment building, notifying them of the rising number of cases and sharing instructions and advice on what they can do to combat the spread. 

Residents were advised to get tested for COVID-19, whether they were symptomatic or not. 

CTV News reported that testing was being offered at the building last week, but there is no official data about how many people had gotten tested there or at the nearby Richmond Road medical facility. 

The management organization is set to hold a town hall gathering this coming week to discuss their response to the outbreak at this building. 

The letter from Alberta Health Service also advised residents to wear masks or face coverings, whether they're indoors or outside of the building. 

COVID-19 numbers in Alberta as a whole have been rising in the past couple of weeks. On Saturday, June 27, the province recorded a total of 69 new cases. 

According to the Edmonton Journal, this number is the highest daily increase for COVID-19 cases since about mid-May. That's when most of the province reopened under Stage 1 of Alberta's relaunch plan. 

Global News reported that the Verve Condominiums outbreak, as well as an outbreak at Edmonton's Misericordia Hospital, has contributed to the rise of the daily COVID-19 case numbers in the region. 

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