Canadians love summer, but this has been a hard one. Dr. Theresa Tam says that the country has been taught some "hard lessons" over the season. She added that getting the virus under control does not entirely prevent a resurgence.

In her August 3 statement, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer said that some of the events that have occurred during the season have emphasized how quickly things can slide backward.

"We've been taught some hard lessons," Dr. Tam said, "Summer doesn't make the virus go away, and gatherings and absence of precautions present key opportunities for exposure and spreading or superspreading the virus."

Despite her stern warning, the CPHO assured citizens that Canada does not have to be a country that sees a massive resurgence.

She restated the importance of sticking to consistent and small social gatherings, social distancing, wearing masks, and avoiding high-risk settings.

"Individual actions matter. What each of us do now will shape our collective future. Back to school, work and recreation plans require more than stocking up on new stationary, clothes and sports equipment," Dr. Tam said.

She recommends "layer[ing] on precautions."

There have been a number of gatherings across Canada that have broken occupancy limits. 

Kelowna saw a cluster of ninety cases after a number of events and gatherings that took place over the Canada Day weekend. 

Since then, the city has seen an increase in community transmission after a number of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants have announced possible exposure.

The Montreal bar scene has also come under scrutiny, as approximately 30 cases have been linked to nine bars in the city.

While partying and bars do account for some transmission of the virus, many Canadians are much more worried about the return to school in the fall

As Dr. Tam said in her statement, "If we want the Fall to bring back more of the things that we all enjoy, while protecting our families and communities at the same time, we all need to stick to the precautions that we know work now."

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