RCMP Officer Didn't 'Intentionally' Hit A Man In Nunavut With Their Car A New Report Finds

The incident happened in June.
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Nunavut RCMP Officer Didn't 'Intentionally' Hit A Man With Their Car Door Per New Report

An investigation into a Nunavut RCMP officer who hit a man with their car door has concluded that it wasn’t done "intentionally."

The Ottawa Police Service was asked by the RCMP to do a criminal investigation into what happened on June 1 in Kinngait when a man was hit by the open door of a police vehicle and knocked over.

According to the findings released on December 1, it was determined that the officer “did not intentionally strike” the person and it happened because of the snowy conditions.

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The vehicle came to a sliding stop on a snow and ice covered track, the driver’s front tire went off the track, the vehicle dipped forward and the opened driver’s door swung forward and struck the community member. Ottawa Police Service

The Ottawa Police Service said that the officer’s car “came to a sliding stop” on snowy and icy ground.

Apparently, that caused the vehicle to dip forward and swing the open the driver’s side door forward.

Investigators with Ottawa Police went to Iqaluit on June 4 to figure out if there was any criminality and they interviewed 14 civilians and police witnesses, examined the video, went to the scene and examined the car.

It’s been determined that what happened isn’t a criminal offence of assault or assault with a weapon because it was “unintentional.”

The investigation also found that there wasn’t evidence of the dangerous operation of a vehicle or criminal negligence and that the arrest was lawful.

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