Ontario Just Got A New Luxury Bus Service With Single-Row Seating & Complimentary Snacks

It launches today!

Ontario Associate Editor
Red Arrow bus. Right: Woman sitting on a bus typing.

Red Arrow bus. Right: Woman sitting on a bus typing.

If you're planning to travel in Ontario, then you're in luck, because a new bus service just launched in the province, and it will let you ride in style.

Red Arrow is a new luxury bus service that runs between Toronto and Ottawa. The Alberta-based company officially launched in Ontario on December 8, 2022, and offers six trips a day, seven days a week.

Red Arrow bus.Red Arrow bus.Courtesy of Red Arrow

The business allows riders to experience "first-class" travel without blowing their budgets. Some features include single-row seating, complimentary snacks, Wi-Fi, and more.

"This introduction of service between the province's two most populous cities proves our continued commitment to the travel needs of Canadians. We invite all Ontario travellers to experience the Red Arrow difference," Raelene Miller, Vice President at Motorcoach division said in a press release.

Interior of Red Arrow bus.Interior of Red Arrow bus.Courtesy of Red Arrow

"With higher gas prices, continued hassles with flying, and limited rental car availability, we’re a stress-free, convenient, and reliable alternative."

The bus stops in Ottawa, Kingston, Scarborough, and Toronto, and ticket prices range from $52 to $97 per adult. Onboard, you'll find reclining leather seats, fold-down table trays, onboard entertainment, pull-down window shades, and charging stations and satellite radio at every seat.

The single-aisle seating option allows for extra privacy so you can ride without feeling crammed. The buses seat 35 people total and offer "30 percent more legroom."

Interior of Red Arrow bus.Interior of Red Arrow bus.Courtesy of Red Arrow

Complimentary snacks and beverages include soft drinks, popcorn, cookies, and coffee and tea. You can also purchase items like Kit Kat bars and hummus.

Booking is available now, so if you're planning on travelling, this new service might make your journey a little more luxurious.

Red Arrow

Interior of Red Arrow bus.

Interior of Red Arrow bus.

Courtesy of Red Arrow

Price: $52 + per adult ticket

When: Launching in Ontario on December 8, 2022

Address: Multiple locations

Why You Need To Go: This new luxury bus service offers trips between Toronto and Ottawa with first-class amenities.


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Madeline Forsyth
Ontario Associate Editor
Madeline Forsyth is an Associate Editor for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Toronto restaurants and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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