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Ontario Lottery Winner Claims 2 Prizes In Only 3 Weeks

One Ontario woman may just be her own lucky charm. Susan Sos, a 45-year-old financial advisor from Oshawa is celebrating after she won two different prizes in three weeks. 

The Ontario lottery winner lucked out thanks to her love of words, winning both prizes from Instant Crossword. 

Since January, I have been focused on three major goals – pay off my debt, take a small vacation, and save a down payment for a home. These two wins will help accomplish all of my goals."

Susan Sos

Susan won both a $50,000 prize and a $100,000 Instant Crossword Tripler jackpot. She plans on using that money to help her buy a new house. 

"I found a nice quiet place to stop, enjoy the sunshine, and play my ticket," Sos revealed. 

“The words started coming up and I got excited. I used the OLG Lottery App to check my ticket and saw that I had won $50,000.”

The first person Susan called for both of her wins was her boyfriend.

“I could barely speak I was in so much shock. After both wins, I called my boyfriend and he kept saying, ‘No way!’” she stated. 

Via OLG Press Release