In the midst of rising case numbers, Premier Doug Ford announced today that Ontario's Pharmacy COVID-19 testing could begin within the month.

While taking questions from reporters during his September 21 press conference, Ford was asked about testing across the province and said that he hoped to have up to 60 pharmacies performing them by the end of the week.

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Hopefully, we'll have up to 60 pharmacies by the end of the week up and going

Premier Doug Ford

Ford added that following this week, the pharmacies will "continue ramping up," and that he believes the province is doing "an incredible job" on testing.

The premier had said in June that the government could be putting this strategy into effect and that at the time he was in discussions with some of "the largest pharmacies" in the province.

To date, Ontario has conducted a total of 3,580,343 COVID-19 tests, with 31,753 haveing been completed on September 20.