Doug Ford doesn't want to see Ontario compared with the United States. The Premier told reporters on Tuesday, June 2 that he doesn't believe residents would "tolerate" the kind of looting and rioting that has been seen south of the border in recent days. He had been asked about the potential of more Ontario protests this week.

In particular, Ford was asked about downtown Toronto stores boarding up their windows on Monday night in apparent anticipation of unrest in the city.

"We're different than the United States, we're Ontario," he stressed to reporters. "I'm a strong believer that if you want to protest something, you do it peacefully...

"We have such great people here in Ontario, we don't believe in (rioting), we stand together... People in Ontario just wouldn't tolerate that, we're better than that."

Toronto has already seen a notable protest this week. Last Saturday, thousands marched downtown in support of the family of Regis Korchinski-Paquet.

That protest was marked by peaceful activism, and Ford is hopeful that the violent scenes in the U.S. will not be replicated here.

He added: "It's like night and day comparing Canada and the U.S. I'm proud to be Canadian, proud to be the Premier of Ontario, and I know Canadians just won't tolerate it.

"Thank god we're different from the United States and we don't have the systemic, deep roots they've had for years," Ford added.

On Tuesday, Toronto Police confirmed to Narcity by email they are investigating social media posts that appear to be advocating for a protest in the 6ix this coming Saturday, June 6.

Protests have taken place in numerous cities across the States in recent days in memory of George Floyd and in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

In many cities, rioting, looting, and, in some cases, conflicts between marchers and police have occurred. 

On Monday evening, per CP24, the Hudson’s Bay department store on Queen Street West and the Best Buy near Dundas and Bay streets were seen boarding up their windows. 

As well as Ford, Toronto Mayor John Tory said on Tuesday that he rejects the idea that "reasonable" Torontonians would want to hold a similar kind of disturbance that has been seen in the U.S. on June 6 or on any other date.

Meanwhile, also on Tuesday, Ford announced Ontario's emergency status has been extended to span the entirety of June.

*The photo on the right in this article's cover image is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has been used for illustrative purposes only.