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Tank America Orlando Discount Offer Available On All Tank Driving Experiences Rights Now

The Sunshine State isn’t just for Disney fans and beach bums, there’s seriously something for everyone. Yes, even that one military tank-obsessed cousin of yours. And even if you don’t happen to have that cousin, Tank America is still a cool place to check out. Right now, Tank America in Orlando is offering a 5% discount on all of their awesome tank driving experiences!

You can get the discount by applying the code TANKYOU to any of their tank driving experiences, and you’ve got until January 3, 2021, to take advantage of it.

You can enlist in several different packages, all of which allow you to jump in the driver’s seat of an FV433 Abbot military tank and roll across acres of marsh, mud, and hills.

The Basic Tank Training Package runs at $349, or $331.55 with the discount. It includes a safety and vehicle briefing, an APC ride to the battlefront, and your chance to drive the tank.

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You can step it up a notch with the Commander Package, which goes for $649, or $616.55 when the discount is applied.

It includes all the goodies that the basic package offers, plus a chance to drive the Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) with the hatches closed to experience what it'd feel like to roll into battle.

The Advanced Troop Package runs for $999, which drops to $949.05 with the discount code. This is where things start to spice up, including a car crush, valued at $650, plus the addition of a complimentary passenger.

The Ultimate Combat Experience has all the elements of the other packages rolled in one, going for $1,299, or $1,234.05 with the deal.

If you really want to get that all-out Call of Duty experience, you’ve also got the Tier 1 Elite Package. It has all the previous goodies included, plus the chance to shoot 4 machine guns. Normally $1,519, it’s $1,443.05 with the 5% off discount code.

If driving a tank doesn't sound like your thing, although not offered in the discount, Tank America also has a tactical laser tag facility with realistic missions for adults. The guns even recoil!

You can roll, shoot, and crush your way through an awesome day at Tank America with the discount code TANKYOU!

Tank America Discount

Price: 5% off any tank driving experience

Details: This discount code saves you 5% off any tank driving experience offered at Tank America.

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