Millions of experimental doses of a COVID-19 vaccine could be heading to Canada. The prime minister confirmed on Monday that the government has signed a deal with two companies who are working on a potential vaccine for COVID-19. This means Canada will soon have "at least" 88 million doses.

Trudeau confirmed Canada's new partnership with Johnson & Johnson and Novavax via Twitter, on August 31.

The PM explained that this latest move brings the country's number of reserved doses to a whopping 88 million, thanks to Ottawa's other deals with Pfizer Canada and Moderna.

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"We've signed two new agreements - one with Novavax, and one with Johnson & Johnson - to reserve millions of doses of the vaccines they're developing for this virus," Trudeau confirmed on Monday.

In a news release, Novavax stated that the vaccine has entered Phase 2 of clinical trials in the United States and Australia and that 76 million doses will be supplied to Canada.

However, despite its rapid manufacturing, the shot is unlikely to be available until at least next spring, and that's if everything goes well per CP24.

Despite the uncertainty, Trudeau assured Canadians that the move was made to ensure we do have access to a vaccine if the testing turns out to be a success.

"Their most recent vaccine tests show promising results," Trudeau said on Monday.

"That's why we're making sure that if one of these potential vaccines is successful, Canada and Canadians will have access to the doses they need."

Despite his positive message, the Liberal leader admitted that he doesn't know "where or when" a breakthrough may come.

According to CP24, the products remain in either Phase 2 or 3 of their respective clinical trials. Until Health Canada finds them to be safe, none will be purchased by the government.

It isn't only American companies that are looking to supply vaccines to Canadians.

Earlier this month, Providence Therapeutics, a Canadian company, asked the government for support to begin human trials.