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A Group Of Ontarians Were Caught Playing Winter Frisbee In The Most Canadian Way (VIDEO)

These people are making the most out of the cold temperatures!

A group of Ontarians are making the most of this cold winter by playing a round of ice frisbee

With plummeting temperatures freezing over the lakes, all these people needed were some ice skates and good spirits. 

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A clip, shared by The Weather Network, shows what appears to be three people playing a game of frisbee on open ice. The trio skates around while passing the disc between them.

The skaters move so gracefully in the footage that it looks like it isn't their first time tackling the sport. 

According to TWN, the video was taken in Ottawa, Ontario, on February 5. 

However, this isn't the only Canadian sport that has been captured on film this winter. 

Last week, an Alberta man took advantage of the polar vortex to create a new kind of bowling.

A sport that involves tobogganing down a hill and crashing through a bunch of frozen pants and shirts.

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