This Map Shows Just How Bad Ontario's COVID-19 Situation Has Become (PHOTO)

The one province makes up nearly half of all active cases in Canada.
Ontario COVID-19 Cases Are So Much Worse Than Anywhere Else In Canada (PHOTO)
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The reality of Ontario's third wave is well-known within the province, but the situation really stands out against the rest of Canada.

As of Saturday, April 17, Ontario had more than double the number of cases than anywhere else in the country, with officials recording 40,694 active cases of COVID-19.

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According to data from the federal government, Ontario's case numbers stick out like a sore thumb, making up 46.7 percent of all of Canada's recorded active cases.

When it comes to cases as a percentage of the population, Alberta's case rate is actually worse than Ontario's — 391 cases per 100,000 people vs. 276.

But residents of either province will no doubt look enviously at provinces like the Yukon, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Atlantic Canada, which seem to be handling COVID-19 a lot better at the moment.

Cormac O'Brien
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