So Many People Are Actually Exempt From Ontario's New Border Restrictions

Anyone can still travel into Ontario from Quebec and Manitoba by bus, ferry or train.
So Many People Are Actually Exempt From Ontario's New Border Restrictions

On Monday, April 19, Premier Ford's new Ontario border restrictions went into effect.

This means that those travelling in and out of Ontario from Manitoba or Quebec will now be stopped by enforcement officials at various border checkpoints, in an effort to curb inter-provincial travel.

However, according to a document provided to Narcity by the Ministry of the Solicitor General, there are many exemptions you should know about.

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Who is exempt from Ontario's border restrictions?

Those travelling into Ontario from Manitoba or Quebec for work, medical care, transporting goods, or exercising Indigenous treaty rights are deemed essential and will be able to pass.

Travellers entering the province by means of an international or interprovincial bus, train, ferry, or flight are also exempt.

If you're passing through Ontario without unnecessary stops to reach your principal residence in another jurisdiction, you will also be exempt.

Additionally, anyone travelling for the purpose of moving to a new permanent residence in Quebec, Ontario, or Manitoba will be permitted to pass, along with anyone who has been summoned to court within these provinces.

Ontarians are also exempt for "critical incidents," such as preventing injury, illness, or property damage, or those attending a funeral or a dying relative. There are also several other essential reasons cited in the document.

Who will get stopped at Ontario's borders?

Everyone travelling to or from Quebec or Manitoba by the way of Ontario can be stopped by enforcement officials under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

Ottawa police confirmed to CTV News that this includes cyclists and pedestrians crossing the border as well.

Just because you are stopped, doesn't mean you'll be turned away, though. If you are travelling for an essential reason, you will be allowed to continue on your way.

It's worth noting that commercial vehicles will be permitted to pass without getting stopped.

Who is getting turned away at Ontario's borders?

Ontario Provincial Police told CBC's Kate McKenna that state that officers barred four vehicles from entry at the Highway 401 Quebec-Ontario border checkpoint on Monday morning.

This included two people who had missed their intended exit, one person who had the wrong court date, and one person attempting to shop at the LCBO upon realizing the SAQ didn’t carry the product they wanted.