Jagmeet Singh Wants Trudeau To Declare A Federal Emergency ASAP To 'Help Ontario'

He wrote a letter to the PM about the situation.👇📝
Jagmeet Singh Wants Trudeau To Declare A Federal Emergency To 'Help Ontario'
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As the number of cases of COVID-19 in Ontario continues to increase rapidly, Jagmeet Singh has called on Justin Trudeau to consider using the Federal Emergencies Act.

In a letter shared via Twitter, the NDP leader urged the PM to consider declaring a federal emergency in Canada, which would allow the government to issue orders and reallocate funding quickly following a Parliamentary review.

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“I know you share my deep concern at the escalating third wave of COVID-19,” wrote Singh. “In light of the dire situation in Ontario, the question of The Emergencies Act must be revisited.”

The NDP leader told Trudeau that doing so could help speed up vaccine distribution in the province, as well as help workers to take sick days if they become unwell.

He added that the declaration wouldn’t have to apply to all provinces, but said that Ontario is a “glaring exception.”

The Canada Emergencies Act

Speaking on Sunday, April 18, Procurement Minister Anita Anand told The West Block that the federal government wasn’t ruling out invoking the Canada Emergencies Act and would “consider all options” to combat the third wave.

Canada did not declare a federal emergency during the first wave of COVID-19 in the country, although many regions and provinces declared their own public health emergencies. 

In fact, the Canada Emergencies Act has never actually been used before.

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