Jagmeet Singh Says Ontario Giving More Power To Police 'Won't Stop This Virus'

Officers will have the authority to stop people and ask why they're not at home.
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Ontario's Stay-At-Home Order Police Powers Called Out By Jagmeet Singh

With Ontario's stay-at-home order, police enforcement of COVID-19 rules was announced as a new part of the restrictions and Jagmeet Singh has called it out.

He shared his thoughts on Twitter and Instagram, saying that "more powers for police won't stop this virus. Vaccines and paid sick leave will."

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Along with the stay-at-home order being extended for two additional weeks, Doug Ford announced that police and by-law officers will have the authority to enforce COVID-19 restrictions.

Ontario's solicitor general said officers will be able to stop people or vehicles to ask why they're not at home, which could result in a ticket if residents do not comply.

Singh's brother Gurratan Singh raised concerns about this and said details are needed about what the new police powers mean because "for Indigenous, Black and racialized [people] this is life or death."

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