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Toronto Police Just Explained How They're Enforcing Ontario's Stay-At-Home Order

Police can't stop your car just because they think you're breaking the order.
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Ontario's Stay-At-Home Order Is Being Enforced By Toronto Police & Here's How

Toronto Police are letting Torontonians know exactly how they're making sure people follow Ontario's stay-at-home order.

In a press release from Saturday, April 10, Toronto Police Chief James Ramer confirmed that officers are not allowed to stop a vehicle or enter someone's house just to check if they're following the new stay-at-home order rules.

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"Individuals are not compelled to explain why they are out of their residence, nor is being outside evidence of a failure to comply with the emergency order," said the TPS, explaining that essential workers don't need proof from an employer to travel for work.

Officers can ask for your identity in order to issue a ticket or summons, police say, but only if an officer has "reasonable or probable grounds" to suspect the stay-at-home order has been broken.

"Officers will focus enforcement efforts on restaurants and businesses not in compliance with closure orders and/or customer limits; responding to complaint calls for gatherings and officers will disperse and ticket gatherings of more than five people outdoors," police said.

What are Ontario's stay-at-home rules?

Ontario's newest stay-at-home order is in place for 28 days as of April 7, 2021, and Ontarians are being urged to stay home as much as possible.

"I urge all Torontonians to please comply. Do not go out unless it's for essential reasons only," said Chief Ramer. "The message is clear - stay home."

There are exactly 29 reasons why Ontarians are allowed to leave their house, including grocery shopping, essential work and exercising.

Non-essential retailers have been closed, and big box stores can't sell anything except essential supplies. 

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