Here Are The Rules Around Ontario's Border Restrictions In Step One Of Reopening

They will extend beyond this Friday.

Here Are The Rules Around Ontario's Border Restrictions In Step One Of Reopening

The provincial government is set to enter step one of its reopening plan on Friday, a move that will see many businesses open their doors. However, not everything will return back to normal.

The government confirmed to Narcity that Ontario border restrictions will stay in place as the province begins to enter step one.

Currently, these restrictions are scheduled to remain intact until June 16, a date that could be extended depending on COVID-19 numbers and other factors.

"The order relating to the closure of Ontario's land and water borders with Manitoba and Quebec remains in place. It may continue to be extended in 14-day increments by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. We will communicate with the public prior to its termination," a spokesperson for Solicitor General Sylvia Jones told Narcity.

The order keeps the province's boundaries with Quebec and Manitoba closed off to non-essential travel. At the moment, travellers moving between provinces are forced to go through a checkpoint, and all non-essential travellers are sent back.

Other parts of Ontario will also remain closed on Friday

While Friday will bring the opening of retail stores, outdoor dining and more, other parts of Ontario will remain shuttered.

Hair salons, movie theatres and indoor dining are just some of the activities that will remain off-limits for residents.

On top of this, indoor gatherings are also prohibited during step one and residents can only gather outdoors with up to ten people.

The province will remain in step one for at least 21 days before deciding if it should continue into step two.

Patrick John Gilson
Patrick John Gilson was a Creator with Narcity Media focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.