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Traffic Is Awful At The Ontario-Quebec Border Because Of New Police Checkpoints

Police are now stopping drivers 24/7 at Ontario's borders.

The provincial government's new Ontario border checkpoints are causing significant delays at the Ottawa-Gatineau crossing. 

The restriction on interprovincial travel went into effect on Monday, April 19 and drivers are already dealing with serious backup approaching the police-run checkpoints.

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One Twitter user wrote that his usual commute into work took over two hours at 6 a.m. because of the Ontario-Quebec border traffic.

According to CBC Ottawa, Ottawa police officers are stationed 24/7 at five bridges and two interprovincial ferries that travel between Ottawa and Quebec, alongside OPP officers who are monitoring highway entry and exit points along the provincial border — CTV reports that Ontario-bound pedestrians and cyclists will also be stopped.

Police are only allowing people to cross for work, medical care, transporting goods, and exercising Indigenous treaty rights as part of the province's enhanced stay-at-home measures.