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Ottawa's Sunflower Field Is In Full Bloom Right Now & It Looks Extra Dreamy

It's totally free to visit! 🌻
Ottawa's Sunflower Field Is In Full Bloom Right Now & It Looks Extra Dreamy

Golden hour has never looked so good! If you’ve been dreaming of escaping the the city to get lost in nature, look no further. Ottawa’s sunflower field is in full bloom right now, and frolicking among the flowers is totally free. 

While we may have missed out on the iconic Tulip Festival in O-Town this year, that doesn’t mean your annual dose of cheerful blooms is cancelled!

Located just 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa is the Central Experimental Farm, a working facility that is also home to a Government of Canada research centre.

Most importantly, though, it’s home to a gigantic golden maze of huge, summery sunflowers.

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Through July and August, one of the farm’s fields transforms into a floral paradise, and there’s hundreds of blooms for you to check-out and photograph.

Whether you’re looking to update your Instagram page, capture the perfect golden hour shot, or simply escape the city for an hour, this place has got you covered.

One of the best things about this sunflower field is that it’s completely free to walk around, photograph the flowers, and take a million-trillion selfies!

That said, visitors are asked not to trample on the flowers while snapping pictures, so they remain as healthy and untouched as possible.

While these particular blooms are not for picking, there are plenty of farms just a short drive away that are specifically designed for you to take a special bunch home.

To find this flower haven, you need to head to the southwest corner of the Central Experimental Farm, near Merivale/Baseline road.

When you spot a sea of gold, you’ll know you’re almost there!

Don't leave it too late to head out and enjoy this hidden spot, as the sunflowers usually disappear between the end of August and early September. 

Central Experimental Farm

Price: Free

Address: Merivale Rd/Baseline Rd, Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: Nothing says August like getting lost in a maze of glorious golden blooms. Better still, it's totally free to visit! 

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