Premier Doug Ford is apparently working on a new plan for paid sick days in Ontario.

A report by CityNews says the Ford government is improving paid sick leave support in the province, and an announcement could come "in the very near future," according to Paul Calandra, the government's house leader.

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Minister of Health Christine Elliott said after Tuesday's legislative session that the province is working to fill in the gaps of the federal Canadian Sickness Response Benefit, reports CBC.

"It was apparent yesterday with the federal budget that they weren't making any amendments to their sick benefits program and so those gaps still remain and that is what we are going to be addressing," said Elliott.

On Tuesday, Ontario's COVID-19 Advisory Table released a statement about what will and won't work in fighting COVID-19 in Ontario, like giving police more enforcement power during the stay-at-home order, a decision that was quickly reversed.

It wrote that "policies that harm or neglect racialized, marginalized and other vulnerable populations will not be effective against a disease that already affects these groups disproportionately" won't work during this health crisis.