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Penny Oleksiak Gave The Most Iconic Response After Missing Out On A Medal In Tokyo

She doesn't want your "I'm sorry" messages. 💪

Penny Oleksiak's Response To Missing The Podium In Tokyo Is Iconic
Senior Creator

Canadian Olympian Penny Oleksiak had such an iconic response to missing out on a medal in Tokyo and she doesn't want you to feel sorry for her.

Following the women's 100 metre freestyle where she narrowly missed the podium and came in fourth place, Oleksiak brushed it off in the best way. "Honestly, this is gonna make the comeback more fun hehehehe," she tweeted after the race.

Oleksiak also posted about the race on her Instagram story with a photo of her still wearing her swim cap and wet from the pool. "Y'all don't be sending me 'I'm sorry' messages!!!!!!! I came in 4th in the freakin world and went a best time/Canadian record against a field of 52 mid women!!!! I am not sad at all," she said.

"Time for me to warm down and get to it for this insanely strong 4x1 medley team."

Oleksiak, who is Canada's most decorated summer Olympian and tied with two other athletes for the most medals won by a Canadian Olympian ever, is part of the Canadian team that's competing in the women's 4x100 metre medley race at 10:15 p.m. ET on July 31.

It's here she could break the all-time record with yet another podium finish.

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