If you're a fan of water, then you'll take to this B.C. beach mansion swimmingly. Sitting at a modest $15 million, this enormous palace of a home is a swimmer's dream come true. The centrepiece is the enormous indoor swimming pool that looks like it would fit better in a community centre than in someone's house.

With over 6,300 square feet of space and ceilings tall enough to store a space shuttle in your living room, this four-bedroom, four-bathroom home is about as Vancouver as it gets.

It's nestled just above the sea by the forest and rocks, which help to seclude the home entirely from public view on the street. Stepping out onto the enormous balcony, you're immediately greeted by breathtaking views of the ocean.

There's no shortage of sunlight here either; with grand windows and innumerous skylights, your home will be filled with sunshine.

That's not even to mention the enormous pool with soaring ceilings which the listing calls "one of the finest in all of West Van."

The pool room is decked out with tons of vegetation and rocks that make it look like you're swimming in the tropics.

The three-story building also offers plenty of amenities like a wine cellar, a sauna by the pool, and a "games room." Even the entrance to the house looks fantastic, with trees and rock features carved to lend a perfectly natural feel to the front courtyard.


And if you're tired of the indoor pool, take the five-minute walk to the beach right outside your house. There's even a convenient walkway leading straight to the water.

This mansion's beautiful open-concept design and plentiful natural light and foliage already make it a jaw-dropper. Throw in the pool and beach and this mansion is a true show stopper.

Seaside Mansion

Price: $14,998,000

Address: Caulfeild, Vancouver, BC

Description: For those who can't get enough of the water, you can unwind after a long day of boating with a lap around your giant pool.

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